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The theme will be there for 7 days.

We are mainly focusing on face masks for now to spread awareness.

We have 12 units of each design. We will be sold out soon. Do not wait.

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The dark theme is love. My crop-top is great.

Underdog for sure.

Manasa S

The print is great. No thickness whatsoever. Fabric is light and breathable.

Zahira Sai

The product descriptions are so fucking hilarious!

Aarav Bothra

 Love the dark theme, not the only dark thing I like though ;)

Khushi Arya

I love how funny this is. The title, the product and the design relate with each other.

gel getemlifestyle

Why GeL?

Because we focus not just on phenomenal products to wear but to instill humor and facts to spark conversations and create movements.
And we want you to be a part of it to bring about a change in the society, trends and Set The Vibe. 

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